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The primary focus of the Florida State Youth For Christ Conference is to promote and foster fellowship, education, edification and recreation among Christian youth. The Bible Competitions segment of the youth conference is one of the major tools we use to accomplish this goal. Participation in these activities aid in the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development of each young person involved.

The Bible Bowl

  This competition seeks to encourage study and honor biblical knowledge among the youth in the body of Christ. That the youth may realize the words of God are applicable to their lives, Student Objective: to demonstrate knowledge of the Bible book assigned (LUKE NKJV) for the competition through achieving the highest team score

Spelling Bee

This activity helps the youth improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.

Count on the Word

This is a competitive activity that requires participants to utilize biblical knowledge and math skills. Ideally, this event will enhance participants’ biblical knowledge, promote healthy and cooperative teamwork, encourage spiritual and academic excellence, and illustrate to each participant how to use their talents for the Lord.

Speech Competition

This contest provides a challenge to students to excel in public speaking and encourage high standards in speech content, organization and delivery. Public speaking is one of the greatest fears among Americans. It is proven that if a person learns to speak in public before they learn to fear it, then they will carry the talent with them for the rest of their life. Public speaking is a talent that will propel all professions and walks of life. Through participation in this event, students will learn to demonstrate the simple elegance of persuasive speech without the aid of modern technologies. 

Art Fair

This competition offers youth an opportunity to use their talents, skills, and artistic abilities via art to communicate a biblical message related to the annual conference theme. All projects submitted must be strictly biblical in nature.

Drama Competition

The purpose of this competition is to stimulate youth to gain personal knowledge and understanding of scripture through a medium to make the stories applicable and relevant to their own lives. The youth are afforded a medium through which they can express what they have gained through study in an artistic way with a personality and flavor that only the youth can bring.

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